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Shared Horizon for 2019
Shared Horizon 2019 Priorities (.xlsx, 19K)
Shared Horizons: ECU Strategic Plan for 2019-2024
Shared Horizons: ECU Strategic Plan for 2019-2024 (.pdf, 342K)
Strategic Plan Draft
Strategic Plan Draft with Strategy Worksheets (.pdf, 651K)

This is the current draft of ECU Strategic Planning

Goal 1 Strategy Worksheets
Goal 1: Strategy 1 (.pdf, 167K)
Goal 1: Strategy 2 (.pdf, 164K)
Goal 1: Strategy 3 (.pdf, 52K)
Goal 1: Strategy 4 (.pdf, 49K)
Goal 2 Strategy Worksheets
Goal 2: Strategy 1 (.pdf, 15K)
Goal 2: Strategy 2 (.pdf, 18K)
Goal 2: Strategy 3 (.pdf, 11K)
Goal 3 Strategy Worksheets
Goal 3: Strategy 1 (.pdf, 15K)
Goal 3: Strategy 2 (.pdf, 79K)
Goal 3: Strategy 3 (.pdf, 15K)
Goal 3: Strategy 4 (.pdf, 47K)
Goal 4 Strategy Worksheets
Goal 4: Strategy 1 (.pdf, 33K)
Goal 4: Strategy 2a (.pdf, 32K)
Goal 4: Strategy 2b (.pdf, 55K)
Goal 4: Strategy 3 (.pdf, 51K)
Goal 5 Strategy Worksheets
Goal 5: Strategy 1 (.pdf, 29K)
Goal 5: Strategy 2 (.pdf, 31K)
Goal 5: Strategy 3 (.pdf, 44K)
Goal 5: Strategy 4 (.pdf, 58K)
Goal 5: Strategy 5 (.pdf, 16K)
White Papers
Campus Morale (.pdf, 391K)
Communications (.pdf, 342K)
Enrollment Management (.pdf, 402K)
Resources Subcommittee-Revenue-Tuition (.pdf, 105K)
Resources Subcommittee-Revenue (.pdf, 318K)
Resources Subcommittee-Infastructure (.pdf, 208K)
Town Hall Meetings
Community Town Hall Highlights (.pdf, 177K)
Employee Town Hall Highlights (.pdf, 274K)
Student Town Hall Highlights (.pdf, 280K)
Outiline of Points of Interest (.docx, 17K)
(03/12/2018) ECU Strategic Planning Committee (.pdf, 304K)
(04/17/2018) ECU Strategic Planning Committee (.pdf, 283K)
(05/02/2018) ECU Strategic Planning Committee (.pdf, 289K)
(06/05/2018) ECU Strategic Planning Committee (.pdf, 1384K)
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