Strategic Planning Committee

Working closely with the university’s leadership, the Strategic Planning Committee  (SPC) will assist with the development of the university’s strategic plan and then regularly monitor progress after the plan is implemented.

During development of the plan, the SPC will collect and review input from a range of stakeholders, analyze data throughout the planning process, draft goals and assist with drafting action items, and adhere to the timeline established for completion of the plan.  Once the strategic plan is implemented, the Committee will evaluate the university’s progress on the plan, recommend adjusting or creating new actions as appropriate to stay on target, and assist with the communication of progress to all constituents.



Dr. Bruce Moring, Biology

Dr. Nick Stowers, Kinesiology

Dr. Dwaine Turner, Human Resources

Ms. Mary LaMack, IT

Ms. Haley Vickers, CETL

open staff position

Kamden Ferguson, Finance student

Chance Hogstad, Business student

Cullen Edens, Accounting student