Office of Institutional Effectiveness

The Office of Assessment, housed in the Office of Institutional Effectiveness, facilitates the assessment of student learning for program improvement through data-driven decision-making. This office helps develop and maintain various protocols and procedures for assessment at all levels:  entry-level, mid-level (general education), academic program, and non-academic units. The Office of Assessment disseminates assessment results to stakeholders of the University and in an annual report to the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education, done in conjunction with the Office of Institutional Research.  

The mission of the Office of Assessment is to develop, record, disseminate, implement, and regularly review assessment of academic and student programs at East Central University in order to improve student learning outcomes and services to students and to provide guidance and support to the administration, academic departments, faculty committees, and other units of the University to foster a culture of assessment and data-driven decision-making.

Assessment Policy for the Center for Assessment and Institutional Research

East Central University's assessment program is based upon the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education's assessment policy requiring all state system colleges and universities to assess entry-level, mid-level, and major field student academic achievement and to assess student satisfaction. East Central University's policy addresses these four areas and is designed to assist faculty and students in promoting student success in achieving their academic goals and to aid the university in the improvement of teaching and learning.

All students who enroll at East Central University as first-time entering freshmen and transfer students who enter the university with six or fewer semester credit hours attempted are required to participate in entry-level assessment. In addition to complying with published ECU admission standards, participation in entry-level assessment may include other activities such as taking placement tests, completing student surveys, and contributing to other entry-level assessment-related activities.

All students who enroll at East Central University as freshmen or transfer students without an associate of arts or associate of science degree are required to participate in mid-level assessment of General Education. Participation in mid-level assessment may include such activities as taking assessment tests, participating in student orientation, developing portfolios, completing student surveys, and contributing to other mid-level assessment-related activities.

During their junior and senior years, all students are required to participate in major field assessment. Participation in major field assessment may include such activities as enrolling in capstone courses, taking assessment tests, developing portfolios, completing student surveys, and contributing to other assessment-related activities of one's major.

Using surveys, focus groups, and other assessment-related activities, assessment of student satisfaction encompasses three areas: current student and alumni satisfaction with student services, such as housing, food services, financial aid, day care, parking, extra-curricular activities, library, bookstore, advising and counseling, etc.; employer satisfaction with the academic preparation of graduates; and alumni satisfaction with overall quality of their education at East Central University.

Standardized Testing

ECU relies on various standardized tests to balance out its assessment of academic achievement.  




General Education Rubrics


ACAT (Art, Biology); ETS/MFT (Biology, Computer Science, Math, Psychology); ACS (Chemistry); CRC and NCE (Clinical Rehabilitation Clinical Mental Health Counseling); Peregrine (Business Administration, Accounting); NCLEX (Nursing); OSAT (Art, Biology, English, History, Music, Mathematics, Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, Library Media, School Counselor, Education Leadership, Reading, Special Education, School Psychology)


Student Opinion Survey (local)


Reviews by the University Assessment Committee

As part of ECU’s self-governance and in accordance with Section of the ECU Faculty Handbook, this standing institutional committee  “is responsible for monitoring the university's compliance with the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education Assessment Policy. The areas of assessment to be monitored include the assessment of entering students (entry-level assessment), students completing their general education course work (mid-level assessment), academic majors, and the assessment of student satisfaction.”

2020-2021 University Assessment Committee (UAC) members: Jim Rauch (2022), Jerry Mihelic (2021), Darcy Duncan (2022), Melissa Inglis (2020), Darcy Tessman (2021), Leah Dudley (2020), Brandi Schur (2023), Debbie Claxton (2021), Meredith Jones (2022), Phyllis Isaacs (Administrator), Robin Roberson (Assessment Coordinator)

University Assessment Committee Review Schedule


Reports: 9

Gen Ed 1

AES: 5

Certs: 3

Athletic Training,  Cartography, Elementary Education (BS), English,  Legal Studies,  Physics, Social Work, Accounting (MS), Secondary Education (MEd)  

General Education Plan to review

AES Plans to review: Tutoring/Writing Center

Certificate Plans to review:  Business: Management Information Systems, Business: Project Management/Management, Mass Comm: Accounts Management


Reports: 10

AES: 4

Certs: 3

Chemistry, Communication & Performance Studies, Human Services Counseling,  Mass Communication,  Educational Leadership MEd, Human Resources MSHR, Academic Success Center (AES), Records (AES), General Education

AES Plans to review: Testing & Accessibility Services, Housing/Residence Life, 

Certificate Plans to review: Business: Human Resources Management, Business: Global Business, HR: Addictions Counseling


Reports: 12



Accounting (BS), Computer Science, History, Mathematics, Music, Native American Studies, Nursing, Tutoring/Writing Center (AES), School Psychology Cert,  Business: Entrepreneurship,  Business: Project Management/ Management Cert,  Business: Management Information Systems, Mass Comm Accounts Management Cert

AES Plans to review: Recruitment/Admissions, Bursar, Financial Aid, Office of Institutional Effectiveness

Certificate Plans to review: Business: Banking & Finance, Business: Program Management


Reports: 16


AES: 4

Biology, Business Administration, Criminal Justice, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Special Education (BS), Library Media,  Psychological Services, Special Education (MEd), Testing and Accessibility Services AES, Psychometry

Reassess: Accounting MS, Human Resources Admin MSHR, Native American Studies, Nursing

AES Plans to review: Admissions, IT/Helpdesk, Career Development, Greek Life


Reports: 8


AES: 0

New Acad Pgms: 5

Art/Design, Early Childhood Education, Interdisciplinary Studies, Kinesiology, School Counseling MEd, Linscheid Library (AES)

Reassess: Business Administration, Accounting MS

New AES Plans to review: None - Units in Student Development are currently revamping their assessment plans

New Academic Program Plans to review: Environmental Health Science, Human Development, Hospitality, and Food Sci, Clinical Rehabilitation & Clinical Mental Health Counseling MSHR,  Masters in Management MS, Water Resources Policy & Management MS


Entry Level Placement/Remediation Guidelines

To access ECU's documents on Entry Level Placement in Gen Ed courses, Cut Scores for Remediation Requirements (ACT and ACCUPLACER Next Generation), and Protocols for changing these, click on Assessment: Reporting and Outcomes (upper left menu), then scroll to Entry Level Assessment Guides (near the bottom).