Program and Unit Assessment Repositories found in ECU MS Teams

Annual Program and Unit Assessment Reports

Throughout the academic year, all programs at East Central University collect assessment data in measurement of student learning outcomes. Large ECU units collect assessment data to measure outcomes related to their unit. These culminate in annual assessment reports that are submitted and stored in ECU's MS Teams repository. On a five-year rotation, these reports are reviewed by the University Assessment Committee.  In addition, each year, East Central University submits to the Oklahoma State Regents of Higher Education a cumulative report of the assessment activities for the latest academic year. 

University Assessment Reports

Each year, East Central University compiles a cumulative report of the assessment activities for the latest academic year, which is posted on this page. This report was formerly submitted to the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education.   

The files are in PDF format. Make sure that Adobe Acrobat Reader is installed on your computer before opening any of these files. If your computer does not already have Adobe's Acrobat Reader installed on it, you can download, for free, the Acrobat Reader here.

General Education Student Learning Outcomes (officially instituted Fall 2023)

1. Communication: Students communicate effectively in a variety of situations.

2. Critical Thinking: Students explore issues and ideas before formulating an opinion, solving a problem, or drawing a conclusion.

3. Information Literacy: Students consume and produce information of any form effectively and ethically.

4. Intercultural Knowledge and Competence: Students recognize the complexity of identity, culture, and heritage.

5. Global Citizenship: Students recognize the complexity of global systems and their roles within them.

General Education Committee

As part of ECU's self-governance and in accordance with Section of the ECU Faculty Handbook, this standing institutional committee "is responsible for 1) establishing guidelines for departments to follow in requesting new courses for the General Education curriculum; 2) reviewing new courses proposed for the General Education curriculum and making recommendations to the Academic Committee; 3) overseeing the General Education student outcomes; 4) overseeing assessment of the General Education Curriculum."

2023-2024 General Education Committee (GEC) members:  Steven Pederson, Melody Baggech, Matthew Lynam, Nancy McClain, Ladonna Autrey, Deanna Hartley-Kelso, Shawna Bishop, Ken Andrews (Dean), Kate Lang (Dean), Robin Roberson (Assessment Coordinator)

For more information about East Central University's General Education program, visit the ECU Catalog.


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